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Each issue carries news, technical and on-farm features as well as industry updates that are Asia focused, relevant and applicable to readers within the poultry sector in Asia.

This magazine has been tracking developments in the industry for two decades and reaches out to a niche but wide group of industry leaders in Asia and suppliers to the industry, globally.

Readership includes producers, nutritionists, veterinarians, feedmillers, processors, retailers and suppliers.

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November/December 2019


Sustainability drives 65 Golden Ventures
After visiting one layer farm in the Philippines. ISA Q TAN finds that by focusing on sustainability, one can keep a business not only going but growing.
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Homogeneity is the key for precision feeding
Precision feeding or formulating diets as close to the animal’s requirement as possible is effective economically and environmentally. Homogeneity of nutrients, especially trace minerals because of their low inclusion rates, is critical for the success of precision feeding explain CHRISTIAN BIOGUES, MIEKE ZZON and CELINE ROBIN.
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  • Global poultry market suffering from oversupply
  • Thai exports to China rise exponentially
  • Vinh Thanh Dat pioneers enriched duck eggs
  • Supply chain can cushion farmers hit by egg price rollercoaster
  • Gi-Ovo launches new transport for duck eggs
GVI maintains an automated operation that is helping the business grow.
Precision feeding and uniformity are closely related.