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Each issue carries news, technical and on-farm features as well as industry updates on the Asian pig farming and production sector that is growing rapidly.

Pork consumption currently represents 31% of animal protein consumed in Asia. Retail trends are evolving, alongside sustainable farming and safe and hygienic processing and further processing.

Readership covers the farming community, nutritionists, veterinarians, feedmillers, processors, retailers and suppliers.

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November/December 2019


Biosecurity – the main defense against ASF

ASF is continuing its sweep through Asia and there seems no end in sight. The ASIAN AGRIBIZ team looks at factors that have contributed to its spread, and how—with no vaccine in sight—proper biosecurity is perhaps the only defense against the deadly disease.

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  • Rabobank: ASF losses continues to mount
  • New Hope has big plans for Vietnam
  • Bali pig farmers to pilot colony farming
  • Pork instability will not affect CPF’s business
  • DLG to develop modern pig farming in India’s northeast
  • Contaminated feed can carry ASF across oceans
Most backyard farms, often the hardest hit in ASF-infected countries in Asia, have set up that makes implementation of standard biosecurity protocol difficult.