Asian Pork Magazine

Each issue carries news, technical and on-farm features as well as industry updates on the Asian pig farming and production sector that is growing rapidly.

Pork consumption currently represents 31% of animal protein consumed in Asia. Retail trends are evolving, alongside sustainable farming and safe and hygienic processing and further processing.

Readership covers the farming community, nutritionists, veterinarians, feedmillers, processors, retailers and suppliers.

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Highlights from the November/December 2018 Issue

The ASF outbreak in Belgium, which reported ASF in feral pigs in September 2018, poses a risk to France and Germany, two key pork exporting countries in the EU.

Asia on alert for African Swine Fever

As the number of African swine fever (ASF) outbreaks rise in China, which house about half of the world’s pigs, a growing fear has gripped not only the Chinese pig industry but the global pig industry. Asian Agribiz looks at the situation so far and where things are headed.







Myanmar CP Livestock currently produces 5000 pigs/week. It plans to increase pig production in Myanmar to 1 million pigs/year over the next five years. 

CP Myanmar targets 1 million pigs a year

Myanmar CP Livestock is expanding its pig herd to produce 1 million pigs/year within the next five years.






For critical systems and equipment like temperature control and feeding system, SCF turned to Big Dutchman.

SCF rides on high quality genetics

With the opening of its new state-of-the-art boar station in June 2018, Semen Cardona Filipinas (SCF) has begun work to help local pig producers boost efficiencies. They are providing a new option to source high quality semen locally and more affordably.







Asian Pork Magazine organised a two-day conference on pig nutrition on 26-27 April in Bangkok. Within the framework of ‘science, trials & application’ speakers presented a strong technical program with papers detailing the latest regionally relevant research with practical take-home messages to help pig producers and feed producers improve productivity and profit margins – click here for the full report of the 2018 Pig Feed Quality Conference.