Asian Feed Miller Sustainability Award

The 2019 Asian Feed Miller Sustainability Award was presented at the Broiler Feed Quality Conferece in Bangkok. (From left) Chakrit Ridmontri, Asian Agribiz; Erwin Suwendi and Julius Roland Sebastian, Suri Tani Pemuka (STP), Indonesia; Nguyen Anh Tuan, Mavin Group, Vietnam; Kurt Wegleitner, sponsor; Rex Holyoake, Asian Agribiz; and Roy Robertson, judge.

Are you serious about sustainability in your feed milling operation?

The Asian Feed Miller Sustainability Award recognizes the livestock feed producer in South East and South Asia judged to have made the greatest progress towards sustainability in their operations in the previous 24 months.

The award will next be given in 2021.

To be eligible feedmills need to hold the relevant licenses, certificates and permits; demonstrate that they understand the environmental, social and economic impacts of their operations; and have a sourcing assessment policy when making specific sustainability claims for product.

The winner travels to Europe or the US to meet sustainability experts and to visit a feed-industry related trade exhibition.

A panel of competent and independent judges from Asia and Europe review the performance of nominated feedmills to assess practices that embrace sustainability.

Entries will open on 1 October 2020 and close on 31 May 2021. For further details contact Chakrit Ridmontri or Rex Holyoake.

The winner will be announced at the Broiler Feed Quality Conferences in Bangkok and Jakarta in August 2021.

Click here to view the brochure from the 2019 competition.

Mavin wins Asian Feed Miller Sustainability
Award 2019

Mavin Group, a major feedmiller in Vietnam, won the Asian Feed Miller Sustainability Award 2019 with Suri Tani Pemuka (STP) and Malindo Feedmill from Indonesia, runners-up.

The award, which recognizes the livestock feed producer that has made the greatest progress towards sustainability in their operations in the previous 12 months, was initiated by Asian Agribusiness Media and sponsored by Addcon.

“Mavin Group made the greatest progress among the six finalists this year in improving sustainability performances at its feedmills located across Vietnam,” said Kurt Wegleitner, Managing Director of Addcon.

“It ensures that all the wastes at its milling operations are totally eliminated, utilises renewable fuels, controls dust and noise pollution and conserves energy of all kinds,” he added.

The prizes allows for two representatives of Mavin Group to learn more about sustainability from European experts and participate in a feed-industry related exhibition in Europe as well as visiting Addcon’s headquarters in Germany.

Headquarted in Hanoi, Mavin has a combined feed milling capacity of one million tonnes. The commitment in operating its plants in a sustainable manner contributes a great deal to the health and wellness of people as well as cleanliness of the ambience in and outside its production units in different locations across Vietnam.

From left, Rex Holyoake, Asian Agribiz; Agus Toni, Malindo’s General Manager; and Ferry Surianto, Malindo’s Senior Plant Manager.


For Suri Tani Pemuka (STP), a subsidiary of Japfa Comfeed Indonesia, sustainability and traceability is its goal.

To achieve this goal, it implements a range of measures such as recovering energy from flue gas, reducing electricity with modifying grinding, replacing fishmeal with sustainable ingredients.

Additionally, STP introduces innovations, good management practices and reliable technical support to enhance sustainability and social responsibility.

Similar to STP, Malindo’s concerns over sustainability motivated the company to switch from coal to palm shells in fueling boilers and corn dryers.

Attempting to use more local corn than corn imports, Malindo set up corn drying stations across central Indonesia. By using more local corn and drying it with renewable energy, it significantly reduces energy bills and conserve energy resources.

The Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry endorsed Malindo as a role model in saving the environment for five consecutive years.

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