About Us

The Asian Agribiz Team.

Asian Agribiz is a trusted and dedicated provider of news, information and market intelligence for the animal protein community throughout Asia.

It has played a central role for the last 22 years in continuously helping the industry upgrade standards and operations through dedicated knowledge and information sharing.

Asian Agribiz publishes four magazines – Asian Poultry Magazine, Asian Pork Magazine, Asian Meat Magazine and Asian Feed Magazine – and organises ten technical and business conferences annually, all aimed at building capacity and upgrading the knowledge and operations of animal protein producers in Asia.

Based in Singapore, the group has a team of 20 spread across Asia including journalists in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Sri Lanka.

EditorialConny Pereira

EventsSutasinee Lake

AdvertisingSornchai Sowattanaskul

SubscriptionsMabel Koh

CalendarConny Pereira

Conny Pereira
Editorial Director
Kuala Lumpur
Ph +60 3 7846 2353
Email conny@asian-agribiz.com


Isa Q Tan
Editor Asian Pork Magazine
Ph +63 2 356 2723
Email isaqtan@asian-agribiz.com


Arief Fachrudin
Editor Asian Meat Magazine
Ph +62 21 2956 1011
Email arief@asian-agribiz.com


Ha Thu
Regional Correspondent
Ho Chi Minh City
Ph +84 988 692 338
Email hathu@asian-agribiz.com


Rajeswari Ramanee
Regional Correspondant
Ph +60 11 1129 7677
Email rajeswari@asian-agribiz.com



Zahrah Imtiaz
Regional Correspondant
Sri Lanka
Ph +94 11 2 883 531
Email zahrah@asian-agribiz.com



Sutasinee Lake
Events Manager
Ph +66 8 9898 0777
Email sutasinee@asian-agribiz.com


Pornmanee Tangamomphankun
Events Executive
Ph +66 9 4926 6241
Email pornmanee@asian-agribiz.com



Sornchai Sowattanaskul
Business Development Director
Ph +66 8 6564 8585
Email sornchai@asian-agribiz.com


Chakrit Ridmontri
Project Manager
Ph +668 1836 0712
Email chakrit@asian-agribiz.com


Craige Allan
Technical Content Leader
Ph +66 8 3264 9212
Email craigeallan@yahoo.com.au



Rex Holyoake
Ph +65 6276 1055
Email rex@asian-agribiz.com


Mabel Koh
Singapore Office Manager
Ph +65 6276 1055
Email mabel@asian-agribiz.com


Christina Choo
Operations Manager
Ph +65 6276 1055
Email c2@asian-agribiz.com


Mavis Lee
Graphic Designer
Ph +65 6276 1055
Email mavis@asian-agribiz.com