Pig Feed Quality Conference 2019

NEW LOCATION: The 2019 Pig Feed Quality Conference will be held in Bangkok on 
April 24-25 instead of in Ho Chi Minh City.

Comments from David Faulkner, Program Director of the 2019 Pig Feed Quality Conference

Each year, Asian Agribiz Conferences aims to build a comprehensive and topical program that is 100% focused on issues facing the Asian pig industry, providing experts from around the world to address these issues. In 2019 we are excited to bring you a world-class program that is scientific, current and solution-focused with a number of important developments.

The 2019 Pig Feed Quality Conference topics have carefully selected from feedback from participants at our conference in Bangkok in 2018. With cooperation from our sponsors and leaders in pig production around the world, we are assembling an outstanding group of local and international experts who will not only present but also be part of the highly popular panel discussions, as well as our ‘meet the speaker’ gathering at the end of day one.

There will be three key topics and a ‘Horizon Keynote’ address:

Managing disease and nutrition – with and without AGPs?
Led by Dr Megan Edwards (Vietnam) and including Dr Joe Crenshaw (USA) and Tony Edwards (Australia)

This session will examine how nutrition and disease management are interdependent. What can a nutritionist do to impact health, what can a veterinarian do to maximise the nutritional benefit and what can they both do together in their roles to maximise the pig’s performance.

Nutrition and its impact on meat quality
Led by Dr Daryl D’Souza (Australia) and including Ronie Malvataan (Philippines) and Tony Edwards (Australia)

Based on the 2018 participant feedback, this session will explore trends in meat quality assessment and the role nutrition plays in determining meat quality.

Innovations in piglet nutrition – what’s ahead in Asia?
Speakers include Prof Julian Wiseman (United Kingdom), Assoc Prof Theerawit Poeikhampha (Thailand) and Robert Hewitt (Australia)

This session will critically examine innovations in piglet nutrition, in particular exploring if innovation is still lead by Europe and what trends are important for the Asian Pig Industry.

The future of meat sales – where will porkmarketing be in five years?
Led by David Hughes, Emeritus Professor of Food Marketing at Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Each year, a topic will be selected that informs participants of an innovation that is ‘on the horizon’ that can be expected to make a significant impact on the industry in the future. In 2019 we focus on how consumer behaviour and supply channels are changing the marketing of pork. What are the international trends and innovations that are already underway in Asia? We will explore the models that are already working and what they have been achieved.

We look forward to meeting you in Bangkok.


Dr Megan Edwards, Animal Nutrition Consultant, Integral Nutrition, Vietnam

Dr Edwards services a broad-spectrum client base including farmers, feed suppliers and commodity traders. She is also involved in commercial research trials and technical training programs. Her main interests are in immunonutrition and focusing on practical nutritional applications to support the immune system and gastrointestinal development especially in Asian conditions.



Darryl D’Souza, Executive General Manager, SunPork Solutions, Australia

Prior to joining SunPork Solutions, Dr D’Souza was General Manager, Research & Innovation with Australian Pork Ltd, a producer-funded body responsible for delivering integrated marketing, innovation and policy services. His was responsible for supervising the development and testing of consumer messages of ‘how to cook’ pork, determining and validating key production, processing, post-slaughter and cooking practices to optimise eating quality of different pork cuts, in order to implement a cuts-based eating quality system into industry as well as understanding the effects of low ultimate pH on pork eating quality.


Dr Theerawit Poeikhampha, Lecturer, Department of Animal Science, Kasetsart University, Thailand

Dr Theerawit has degrees including a PhD in animal science from Kasetsart University. His research adopts a multidisciplinary strategy to research, develop and optimize on the animal nutrition technologies. Recent projects include feed ingredients and feed additives, exogenous enzyme and enzyme’s matrix calculation, amino acid metabolism and cell function, micronutrients in drinking water, feed formulation and feed manufacturing technology for increase the productivity of farm animal, especially in the tropical condition.


Ronie Malvataan, Meat marketing consultant, Philippines

Mr Malvataan is a highly knowledgeable meat and food industry practitioner who has gained vast experience in implementing efficient and economic production systems and setting up food safety program in a food and meat processing environment. He holds a BS in meat science from the University of the Philippines Los Baños. He trained in major meat packing plants in the US Midwest and has worked with companies such as Pacific Meat, Kenny Rogers Roasters, PIC Philippines and Bounty Farms.


Prof Julian Wiseman, Professor of Animal Production, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Prof Wiseman has been, since 2003, Professor of Animal Production, Division of Animal Sciences, University of Nottingham School of Biosciences. His research interests include nutritional evaluation of materials for inclusion into diets for non-ruminant farm livestock, animal responses to nutrients, environmental impact of farm animals, carcass quality and nutrition: reproduction interactions. His publication record comprises 85 Refereed papers in international science journals, 37 book chapters, three books written, 41 books edited.


Tony Edwards, Pig Nutrition and Production Consultant, ACE Livestock Consulting, Australia

Tony Edwards is an animal nutritionist based in Australia. He established his own consulting business, ACE Livestock Consulting Pty Ltd, in 1994. He currently services a wide client base across a broad spectrum of livestock species, but with a particular emphasis on pigs consulting to one third of the Australian pig industry, and with clients in New Zealand and Asia, providing feed formulation, technical support, presenting seminars and training workshops. Mr Edwards is also a partner of Becan Consulting Pty Ltd, a team of experienced professionals including Dr Robert van Barneveld and Professor Mingan Choct.


David Hughes, Emeritus Professor of Food Marketing at Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Professor Hughes brings with him a wealth of marketing experience in the food and drinks industry. He is a much sought-after speaker at international conferences and seminars on global food industry issues, particularly consumer trends, and is a strong proponent of building vertical alliances between key chain members in the food industry; farmers, life science and input companies, ingredient firms, food and beverage manufacturers, retailers and food service. David works closely with senior management of food and beverage firms on business strategy development and with governments on food policy formulation.


New venue details in Bangkok

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