Pig Feed Quality Conference

The 2018 Pig Feed Quality Conference will be held on 26-27 April (Thursday-Friday) in Bangkok.

Within the framework of ‘science, trials & application’ speakers will present a strong technical program with papers detailing the latest regionally relevant research with practical take-home messages to help pig producers and feed producers improve productivity and profit margins.

Based on the extensive feedback from the 2017 Ho Chi Minh City conference we will address three themes:

  • Nutrition of the sow
  • Increasing feed intake in tropical conditions
  • Reducing feed costs

Julian Wiseman, Professor of Animal Production at the University of Nottingham, UK, has assisted with program development.

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Feed intake and performance of sows in the tropics: What can be done?

Prof Julian Wiseman from the University of Nottingham, UK, will consider a number of strategies that could be useful in alleviating problems of high ambient temperature. One of the easiest is increasing dietary energy concentration through the use of good quality fats and oils. Higher dietary fibre should be avoided as it has a higher heat increment than fats and oils and can also increase hind gut fermentation generating more heat.

Feeding management could also include adjusting feeding to those parts of the day that are cooler and considering liquid feeding (providing water is of course essential). The paper will then consider some basic elements of building design intended to reduce internal temperature and promote feed intake.

NUTRITION OF THE SOW – Session highlight

Integrating gilt and sow nutrition

UK-based Mike Varley, Honorary Professor at the University of Nottingham and Director of highly respected global pig management consultancy The Pig Technology Company, will describe his 20-point plan that integrates his knowledge on gilt and sow nutrition:

“The aim of this presentation is to integrate the knowledge we have on gilt and sow nutrition into one definitive programme. One of the problems at the present time is that there is a huge diversity in recommendations around the world because each research group focussed on a different specific area and forgot the big picture. My 20 point plan therefore aims to integrate all of our knowledge from the very early pre pubertal phase through to culling at parity 6. The plan covers basic guidelines for management and feeding recommendations and aims to maximise the lifetime performance of the sow and not just for one but up to parity 6 when culling takes place. The plan is based on all available academic research work but also on years of experience in commercial nutrition and consultancy”