Dairy Feed Quality Conference

A two-day technical conference for feed manufacturers, nutritionists and senior executives of milk operations examining dairy nutrition, and the interaction between nutrition, health, productivity and management of the modern cow.

The 2018 Dairy Feed Quality Conference will be held on 1-2 November (Thursday-Friday) in Bangkok at the Landmark Hotel and will bring together an exciting team of practical hands-on speakers all with extensive experience of milk production under tropical conditions.

The themes of conference are:

Formulating for improved outcomes in dairy rations
Formulation of dairy feeds whether for feedmill or individual farms is central to feed efficiency, potential level of production, cost of production and rumen health. Topics include raw material selection, processing tips for feedmills or mixers, feed stability, balancing nutritional requirements of cows and matching their stage and level of production.

Nutritional strategies for health and performance
How to minimise the key health challenges in dairy production and reduce culling percentage through nutrition. Review of modern supplements that can elevate herd efficiency, improve milk quality and lower health treatment cost.

• Essentials for enhanced reproduction and breeding
Reproductive performance is a key driver of current and future production and profitability. What considerations should be made in relation to improving conception rates, milk composition and heat tolerance.

Chris King is Program Director and will Chair the conference. A complete program will be published in August 2018.

For further information contact events@asian-agribiz.com