Dairy Feed Quality Conference

A two-day technical conference for feed manufacturers, nutritionists and senior executives of milk operations examining dairy nutrition, and the interaction between nutrition, health, productivity and management of the modern cow.

The 2018 Dairy Feed Quality Conference will be held on 1-2 November (Thursday-Friday) in Bangkok at the Centara Grand Hotel and will bring together an exciting team of practical hands-on speakers all with extensive experience of milk production under tropical conditions.

The themes of conference are:

Formulating for improved outcomes in dairy rations
Formulation of dairy feeds whether for feedmill or individual farms is central to feed efficiency, potential level of production, cost of production and rumen health. Topics include raw material selection, processing tips for feedmills or mixers, feed stability, balancing nutritional requirements of cows and matching their stage and level of production.

Nutritional strategies for health and performance
How to minimise the key health challenges in dairy production and reduce culling percentage through nutrition. Review of modern supplements that can elevate herd efficiency, improve milk quality and lower health treatment cost.

• Essentials for enhanced reproduction and breeding
Reproductive performance is a key driver of current and future production and profitability. What considerations should be made in relation to improving conception rates, milk composition and heat tolerance.

Chris King is Program Director and will Chair the conference. A complete program will be published in August 2018.

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Michael Hutjens to speak at Bangkok conference

Mike Hutjens is a world-renowned dairy extension specialist. Raised on a Holstein dairy farm near Green Bay, Wisconsin, he earned his joint doctorate degree in dairy science and nutritional science with a minor in biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. From 1971 to 1979, Dr. Hutjens was extension dairy specialist at the University of Minnesota and the University of Illinois Dairy and Animal Sciences Departments.

Mike writes feed columns for Hoard’s Dairyman, Dairy Today, Dairy Japan, Western Canadian Dairy Magazine, Wisconsin Agri-View, and Dairy Herd Management. He has authored 21 technical journal articles and abstracts, 540 popular press articles, 3 computer programs, 4 video tapes, and numerous slide sets. In 1989, he co-authored a textbook entitled “Principles of Dairy Science”.

Residing in Savoy, Illinois USA, Mike continues to teach and provide his exceptional insights and experience to the dairy industry – providing an excellent base for our conference with keynote addresses and hosting an open workshop on dairy extension.

Managing the energy balance post-calving – major topic at Asian conference

Reproductive performance and health around the transition period is a key challenge and major economic driver in dairy production whether large or small scale.

Steve Little, an Australia-based dairy farm consultant who has worked with major feedmill companies, provided individual farm and business advice, and lead several projects for Dairy Australia will cover aspects relating to improving both health of transition cows and the reproductive outcomes.

Covered will be the impact of negative energy balance on fertility (both immediate and prolonged) and how to focus on feed intake, metabolic diseases such as sub-clinical ketosis (how to monitor, treat and prevent) and adoption of a phase feeding approach – including what to feed pre-calving, fresh cow, cycling and post mating. Within this starch and fat feeding will be discussed along with strategies for farm and feedmill feeds. New technologies aiding detection of problems will also be discussed.

Dr Little has a stong drive towards having dairy enterprises, consultants and industry to have common goals and understanding for outcomes.

Workshop to focus on choosing the right dairy farming system

Jean Margerison who has had experience in a range of dairy production systems around Asia, New Zealand and Europe, will discuss options available to dairy producers which will lead in to open discussion on the selection and implementation in your local environment.

Assoc Prof Margerison, from the Faculty of Science at Nottingham University, United Kingdom has acted in a teaching capacity at the Universities of Leeds, Plymouth, Bangor, Shandong and the Tropical Feed Resources Research & Development Centre at Khon Kaen University.

She spent ten years at Massey University in a research and teaching role, researching and publishing a wide range of papers covering dairy nutrition, lameness, milking frequency, mammary development, genetic parameters, silage production, effect of cow nutrition on milk as functional food for humans, organic systems, temperate and tropical nutrition and management. Prof Margerison has also conducted research and consideration of sustainable livestock production systems.