Broiler Breeder Masterclass 2019

On the day after the Broiler Feed Quality Conference in Bangkok, Friday 23 August 2019, Asian Agribiz will hold a one-day Broiler Breeder Masterclass also at the Amari Watergate Hotel.

The Masterclass will be for a maximum of 75 breeding and integrator specialists to discuss in a classroom environment the links between nutrition and concepts of growth, physiology and management.

The Masterclass will be led again by Robert Renema, Independent Consultant and Producer Programs Manager, Alberta Chicken Producers, Edmonton, Canada.

Dr Renema, an ex-lecturer of the University of Alberta, worked for many years alongside the well-respected Professor Frank Robinson. His background makes him very suited to lead both sessions. He has a good understanding of male vs. female growth, feed and environmental management, and sexual behaviour as it relates to egg production and fertility. He has presented papers on these themes to producers, classes and to a wide range of audiences at meetings around the world.

Our objective is to create a forum for the discussion of selected issues facing the broiler breeder, with a special focus in 2019 on MALE MANAGEMENT.

Another topic to be covered will be egg handling between the farm and the incubator, especially as it relates to fertility and chick quality.

In our research over the last 12 months we concluded that this high calibre group would prefer more of an interactive environment rather than straight conference presentations.

The Masterclass will revolve around specific questions set for the discussion either in groups or as a whole. Each speaker will cover their respective fields but orientate their thoughts towards the questions.

There will be a networking session at the conclusion of the Masterclass – refreshments and finger food – to allow delegates to meet and mix with colleagues and speakers.

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