Asian Agribiz organises a series of annual, bi-annual and one-off conferences that tackle key technical and business challenges, opportunities and trends facing the animal protein community in Asia.

Teams of global and regional experts in their respective fields are assembled to address specific one or two-day programs developed in-house by Asian Agribiz. Audiences from throughout the region vary from 25 to 350 participants depending upon the nature of the conference.

Conferences in 2019/2020 include:

  • Living with African Swine Fever – Blueprint for the Future (replacing the Pig Feed Quality Conference in 2020)
    22-23 April 2020
  • Poultry Health Conference
    4-6 June 2020, Manila Philippines
  • Animal Protein Asia
    Animal Protein Asia has been postponed until Q2 2020.
  • Broiler Feed Quality Conferences
    5-6 August 2020 – Bangkok, Thailand
    10-11 August 2020 – Bali, Indonesia
  • Dairy Feed Quality Conference
    14-15 September 2020
  • Layer Feed Quality Conferences
    12-13 October 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia
    15-16 October 2020, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Duck Meat Quality Conference
    20-21 October 2020, Bangkok, Thailand

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Photos from the 2019 Broiler Feed Quality Conference held in Bangkok and Jakarta.