Hive of activity with more visitors at Poultry India

December 2, 2019

The second day of Poultry India in Hyderabad saw a hive of activity. The annual ehibition was expecting more than 15,000 visitors from India, Europe, USA and SAARC between November 27-29, said Chakradhar Rao, President, Indian Poultry Equipment Manufacturers’ Association. The exhibition aimed help farmers keep abreast of latest developments in management, animal health and nutrition, breeding and new techniques in feed manufacturing and poultry production. Mr Rao said India’s broiler production for the year is projected to increase by 7.7% to nearly 5 mt, processed chicken meat demand is projected to grow between 15-20% and layer production is forecast at 85 billion eggs.

Evonik introduces precise livestock farming to India
Evonik introduced its ‘precise livestock farming’ software at the show. Technical Service Director, Animal Nutrition, Dr Pradeep Krishnan told Asian Agribiz that data analytics was an emerging trend in the Indian market. Their software tailored to the Indian market, can work with existing systems, with the option of farmers being able to manually enter any data they want for analysis. These cover the entire value chain from farm to slaughter house. “Evonik wants to go on a digital pathway using an animal centric approach to introduce ‘agrificial intelligence’,” added Dr Krishnan.

Adisseo to execute precise nutrition services in Indian market
Adisseo is positioning itself as a ‘one stop shop’ for all animal feed additives in the market. Adisseo, Commercial Director-Indian Subcontinent, Sachin Ingewar told Asian Agribiz that the company’s acquisition of Nutriad in 2018, helped achieve this goal. “Next year we will be launching a mycotoxin program,” said Dr Ingewar as he explained that the company through this would focus on ‘precise nutrition evaluation services’.  In addition, Adisseo also plans on setting up ‘micro vet’ clinics to better reach customer service needs.

DSM promotes Balancius
DSM promoted their latest product ‘Balancius’ at Poultry India this year, focusing on the broiler, gut health market. DSM, Regional Marketing and Communications Manager, Dr Vijay Makhija told Asian Agribiz that Balancius officially released in September of this year to the Indian market, is a first of its kind. “It works on removing bacterial cell debris from the intestine, thus increasing nutrient absorption,” he said. The company expects the product to help broiler integrators increase their FCR by 3%.

Novus focuses on feed quality improvement
Novus focusing on the feed quality segment exhibited two of its recently launched products. Marketing Director- South Central Asia, Dr Manish Kumar Singh told Asian Agribiz that they were promoting their proteinated trace mineral ‘Maacpro’ launched in March of this year. He added that they also plan on officially launching their feed acidifier, ‘Formycine’ to the Indian market in December 2019. Dr Singh noted that the Indian manufacturing facilities have grown in strength and they now export products including to countries like the USA.

Pericoli revisits India after 25 years
Termotecnica Pericoli participating in an Indian expo for the first time since 1994, hoped to get some insights into the Indian market this year. CEO Alberto Grandoni told Asian Agribiz said they would have a direct presence in the market now. “We were not involved in selling to end user, and so did not have a feel of the market,” said Mr Grandoni. The company showcased its full portfolio, “We see some big players wanting to switch to closed houses and this would help,” added Mr Grandoni.