Indonesia plans for quarantine island for cattle imports

January 11, 2019

Indonesia is planning for a quarantine island for cattle imports to minimize and mitigate diseases outbreak. According to Agus Sunanto, Head of Animal Quarantine and Animal Biological Safety Center at the Ministry of Agriculture, so far Indonesia relies only on cattle imports from Australia that is free from FMD [foot and mouth disease]. “If we have a quarantine island, we can also import cattle from countries that are not yet free from FMD, such as India, Brazil and Canada. However, to import from these countries, pre-shipment inspection and quarantine standards have to be strengthened,” he said. Mr Sunanto explained that the best island for quarantine is an uninhabited island that can accommodate more than 5000 heads of cattle. Potential sites are Bangka Belitung, Bengkulu and Riau provinces.