Finless Foods to sell its artificial fish meat in 2020

November 12, 2018

US based start-up Finless Foods is in a race to market fish flesh cultured in the same kinds of places where beer and snacks are made. Because the cost of producing artificial fish meat does not vary by species, the start-up is first working to produce bluefin tuna. The startup hopes to start selling its product in 2020. Finless Foods’ recipe goes something like this: remove cells from a bluefin’s edible parts, culture them in a sanitary environment and allow them to divide and multiply. Then process the material into food. The start-up is still trying to clear its main hurdle: production costs. To create a prototype meat last year, it ended up spending USD 19,000/pound. It has since lowered production costs to USD 6000/pound, but still far from where it needs to be to move into mass production.