Vietnam to raise value of shrimp by-product industry

October 11, 2018

Vietnam’s shrimp industry can make billions from its by-product, instead of dumping it into the river or making low-value feed grade material.By 2025 Vietnam hopes to generate an extra 60%, or 500,000 tonnes of shrimp by-product. This former waste is now a gold mine for companies like Vietnam Food (VNF) to produce high value products such as shrimp soluble extract, chitin and chitosan. At the first international conference on ‘Technology Solutions to Enhance the Value of the Shrimp by-products Sector in Vietnam’, VNF shared with Asian Agribiz that with technology, the shrimp industry can earn USD 275 million from by-products. “We are trying to build a ‘zero-waste’ production model, like Norway has applied to its salmon industry,” said Phan Thanh Loc, member of VNF Board of Directors.