Supply chain disruption raises egg prices in Bangladesh

August 10, 2018

Hit by tight supply, egg prices in most parts of Bangladesh have jumped to USD 0.11 from USD 0.09 in retail markets over the last week. The Independent reported that a dozen eggs now cost around USD 1.35-1.42 across the capital Dhaka. Egg traders blame the electricity price hike and rain for the soaring prices. These two factors have been responsible for a drop in production and supply chain disruption. This trend would continue in the coming months as egg production is likely to fall by 25-30% this year, said traders. Tahir Ahmed, President of the Bangladesh Egg Producers Association (BEPA), said: “Chickens become vulnerable to various diseases at this time of the year. In addition, the ongoing student-led protest and the subsequent strikes called by transport workers are affecting the supply chain.”