CPF plans to build aqua feedmill in Gujarat

July 12, 2018

Thailand’s Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) is planning to build an aqua feedmill on India’s west coast. In Gujarat, the company has a chicken feedmill, but nothing currently for aquaculture in the west coast state. “We plan to build an aqua feedmill there, so we can supply to the local market. We will introduce a chicken feedmill in the same area. Now, we still ship from the east,” said Sujint Thammasart, COO for Aquaculture. The plan is for the aqua feedmill to produce around 5000 tonnes of feed per month, but Mr Thammasart did not reveal a timeline on when the company plans to start building. On the east coast, CPF’s aqua feedmills produce around 550,000 tonnes/year.