SLA offers industry 4.0 solution

June 18, 2018

SLA Software Logistik Artland, intelligent and individually tailored technologies developer, offered a complete industry 4.0 solution at Propak Asia 2018. Together with Attec Automation and FPT, the company has developed a total ‘smart factory’ solution that links all levels of the process chain to a high level of web-based networking. “The solution guarantees the fulfilment of the highest quality requirements for hygiene and diligence with transparency and traceability at all times,” said Jörg Brezl, SLA CEO. According to him, Asia is an important market where many meat producers require integrated solutions. SLA, Attec Automation and FPT have worked together on several ‘smart factory’ projects in the region. In Thailand, they have installed the solution for CP, TGM and Laemthong – all for meat processing. Meanwhile in Vietnam, they already have two installations of the solution, also for meat processing. Next, they are looking at potential in Sri Lanka and Malaysia.