KPS eyes potentials for black pigs in South Sulawesi

April 17, 2018

Indonesia’s Karya Prospek Satwa sees potential for its black pigs in the northern part of South Sulawesi. An ethnic group called Toraja, with a population of around 1 million people, live in this region. They consume pork and use wild black pigs for their religious festivals. Pig population in this region is around 300,000 heads mainly raised by backyard farmers. Phaithoon N Na Ayudhaya, Pig Specialist, estimates that the market in this region needs around 4000 heads of finisher pigs per month. Meanwhile, during religious festivals, the demand will increase by 8000 heads per month. “For this region, we will focus to promote our black pigs because they must have black pigs for their religious festivals. We will bring in the pigs from our breeding facility in North Sulawesi. In addition, we are looking for a local partner to set up a breeding farm and promote our black pigs,” Mr Phaithoon told Asian Agribiz.